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Kong Coffee Philosophy

At Kong Coffee we are proud and passionate about the coffee we serve and the blends we sell. Just like our namesake Kong, we can be bold and strong, but we also have a compassionate side for your most sensitive times. Our coffees begin with the best coffee beans from all over the world which are then roasted in the finest Italian tradition. Whether you are on the go and visit one of our signature locations, or you brew our coffee at home, we will deliver a unique coffee experience. For a spine tingling coffee adventure, try our Fay Wray Latte and your taste buds will scream for more!

  • Kong Coffee
  • Great Falls, MT
  • 406-868-9235

Top 10 reasons to try Kong Coffee

  • 1. Genuine coffee Snobs love Kong Coffee because it really is that good.

  • 2. Kong Coffee is not afraid of Mermaids.

  • 3. Kong Coffee is not afraid of heights; we achieve them every day.

  • 4. Kong Coffee only uses Spring Water to brew our coffee and suggests that you do the same.

  • 5. Kong Coffee loves Blondes.

  • 6. Kong Coffee sells great shirts and hats.

  • 7. Kong is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes – try his Baker Street 221 B Blend.

  • 8. Kong Coffee orders from our web-store are shipped fast, like same day fast.

  • 9. Kong Coffee is Kid Friendly.

  • 10. Kong Coffee is COMMUNITY.

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